How to Speed up Android Phone Performance

Our Android smartphones sometimes get slow, which is a very annoying thing. However, the good thing is that the speed of Android smartphones depends a lot on the type of use of the user and the settings of the phone. We can increase the speed of the phone by following some rules while using the smartphone and changing some settings. In this post we will learn about 10+ ways to increase the speed of Android phone.




Uninstall Unnecessary apps
The most effective way to increase the speed of Android phone is to uninstall unnecessary apps. Due to the fact that the phone has a lot of storage, we fill the phone with additional apps lately. These apps may not have any effect on the storage of the phone, but many apps occupy space in the phone’s RAM. And this is the reason why if there is more app on the phone, the phone becomes slow. So try to keep as few and only important apps as possible on your Android phone.

Keep Internal Storage as Empty as Possible
Another effective way to increase the speed of Android phones is to keep the internal storage as empty as possible. However, we are not asking you to leave your phone’s internal storage completely empty. Suppose your phone has an internal storage of 32 GB and you run an app or game that takes up 2 GB of space. When you run the app, the app uses the phone’s internal storage to load the app’s data. So to run that 2GB app or game, you need to have 2 to 4 GB of free space, even if it is less on your phone. In this way, leaving some space in the internal storage, the apps will run very smoothly and the speed of the phone will also increase.

Use a micro-SD card
If it is possible to keep the internal storage of the phone empty, use an extra micro-SD card i.e. memory card in the phone. However, the most important thing to keep in mind when using a micro-SD card is the data loading speed of the micro-SD card. If you use a relatively weak micro-SD card in your phone, the phone will be slower than before. So when buying a micro-SD card, check and buy.


Delete the app’s cache
Apps like Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger etc. generate a lot of cache on the phone. Clear this data by going to the settings of the app. However, do not clear the data of the app. In that case, there is a possibility of deleting useful information in the app. It also allows you to log out.

Avoid using live wallpapers and widgets
Many people use different types of widgets and live wallpapers on the home screen to make the phone look beautiful. However, these widgets and live wallpapers affect the speed of the phone and slow down the phone. So if you want to get good speed on your Android smartphone, avoid using live wallpapers and widgets.

Note that different types of Android Launcher only enhance the beauty of the phone and add new functionality. These apps usually do not increase the speed of your phone. So try to use the launcher that is with the phone by default.

Use data saver mode
Turn on the data saver mode of the browser you use on the phone. In this case the websites will load faster and get better speed. However, it can degrade your browsing quality.


Optimize Wi-Fi connection
Many times the phone becomes slow due to weak Wi-Fi connection. So disconnect the Wi-Fi and check the speed of your phone to make sure that you are not experiencing problems like slowing down the phone due to Wi-Fi. In that case, make arrangements to optimize your Wi-Fi connection.

Turn off auto-sync
When Auto-Sync is turned on, various activities are turned on in the background of the phone, which makes the phone a bit slow. If your phone also has auto sync on, turn it off. Note that if you turn off Auto Sync, you will not receive notifications about incoming mails. Auto Cloud Sync will also be turned off.


Keep the task killing level
Many people think that if you keep the task manager clear, you will get more speed on the phone. So they always cut the previous app from the task manager when accessing from one app to another. However, this idea is completely wrong. If you close an app, the next time you launch the app, the phone has to consume a lot of memory, which causes the phone to slow down. So don’t always kill tasks outside the dimensions. As well as refrain from using too many apps at once. This also slows down the phone.

Update operating system and app
If a system update comes to your phone, use it to update the system. In these updates, the developers solve various problems of the phone, which leads to improvement in the experience of using the phone. So try to keep the phone up-to-date by updating the phone’s OS and apps.

Replace the battery
Sometimes the performance of the phone is disrupted due to weak battery. So try to make sure that no battery problem is responsible for your phone slowing down. In that case you can decide to replace the battery of the phone.

Do a full reset of the phone
If the speed of your phone does not increase by following the rules or changing the settings, you can try a full reset of the phone. Full reset is also called hard reset. In this case, all the data on the phone will be gone. So keep a backup of all the data before resetting the phone.

Replace the mobile
After following all the methods mentioned above, you do not see any improvement in the speed of your phone, but understand that your phone is sitting idle over time. In that case you can decide to buy a new phone. Find out the things to keep in mind when buying a new smartphone from this post. And yes, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook!









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