How to Set Automatic Shutdown Timer in Windows 10/8/7 OS

To set automatic shutdown timer, you don’t require to download any auxiliary software/tool. This can easily be finished from Run Command Window, Command prompt and with by using Windows Task Scheduler. Steps are beautiful easy and user-friendly, anyone non-well ahead person can then magnify it. Just follow the step by step gain as hermetically sealed sedated for 3 methods:

Method 1: Using Run Command Window

In method 1 and method 2, we gonna use a simple command to shutdown our system after a specific period of time.

Just open Run Command Window by pressing ‘Windows key+r’ and type ‘shutdown -s -t 3600’ and press ‘Enter’. Here ‘3600’ is the time in ‘seconds’. A message will pop up that Windows will automatic shutdown after the set specific time.

Cancel the Set Timer:

To cancel the set timer, again open ‘run command window‘ and type command: ‘shutdown -a‘. You will get instantly a message that your scheduled shutdown has been cancelled.



Method 2: Using Command Prompt:

Similar to the method 1, explained above, we also gonna use the same command in ‘Command prompt‘.

To open command-prompt, Go to Start Menu and search for ‘Command Prompt’ OR directly open run window and type ‘CMD.’ Now type the same command: ‘shutdown -s -t 3600’ and press enter.

A message will also pop up that Windows will automatic shutdown after the set specific time, as shown above.

Cancel the Set Timer

To cancel the set timer, again open ‘command prompt‘ and type command: ‘shutdown -a‘ and press enter. You will get instantly a message that your scheduled shutdown has been cancelled, as shown above.

Method 3: Schedule Automatic Shutdown Using‘Windows Task Scheduler’

Windows Task Scheduler allows you to schedule and automates your operate. We can moreover use Task Scheduler to set automatic shutdown timer. Read here definite article to know how you can make a added task and schedule to automate your play a role.

To create shutdown timer, follow the easy steps truthful below:

Step 1: Go to start menu and search for ‘Task Scheduler’ and open it.

Step 2: Now click on ‘Create Basic Task’ link available in the rightmost column. A New window will open, just give a name to this task & click on Next. For instance, we have given it a name: ‘Shutdown timer’

Step 3: In next window, select when you want to schedule the task and move further.

Step 4: Now, you can set the exact time, when you want your system to shutdown. Set the exact time and click on next.

Step 5: In Action tab, select ‘Start a program’ option –> click on ‘Next’.

Step 6: Now we are gonna browse to a program‘shutdown.exe’ in our windows and don’t forget to add ‘-s’ in argument field. Just click on next and finish it.

Now you have successfully created a scheduler to shutdown your computer at a specific time. If you want to disable this, then refer to our complete guide on ‘Windows Task Scheduler’.








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