IOS 14 Brings New Features To The iPhone

Every year, Apple brings a new software version for the iPhone operating system, iOS. This year, the iPhone maker has appeared with iOS 14. At an event on September 15, Apple released the iOS 14 update with the new Apple Watch and the new iPad model, which has been on users’ phones since September 16. Let’s find out about the new features of iOS 14 on iPhone.





New features of iOS 14

The following features will be seen on your iOS 14 supported devices.


Widgets (Finally)

Previously only widgets could be seen on the Today screen. Widgets can be added to the home screen in iOS 14. For this reason, users will be able to customize the icons of the home screen with the widgets.


App Library
The app library will be at the end of the homescreen. Automatic folder versions of all apps on the phone can be seen through this feature. For example, all games will be automatically sorted in a specific folder and all social media apps in another separate folder.

App clip
After the popularity of the instant app feature on Android, Apple has added a similar feature to iOS 14. Apple has named this feature as App Clip. This feature allows you to use a specific feature without having to download any apps on the iPhone. Apps under the app clips feature will be less than 10 MB.

New messages app
Apple has added the feature of pinning its most important messages on iOS 14. Mention system has also been added to group messages. Added the facility to use emoji or any other image as group picture. The facility to mute groups has also been added to iOS 14A. Also, with the new SMS filter feature, you can mark annoying messages as spam and keep them separate.

Advanced Siri
Smart Assistant Siri has been redesigned. Siri will no longer work in a separate window but will work individually on the same screen with any app. Also more translation facilities and ‘knowledge’ have been added to the series of iOS 14. Voice messages can also be sent through Siri in iOS 14.

New translate app
IOS 14 has added a new translation app that is able to translate text and voice in 11 languages. The app will use Apple’s Neural Engine and can be used completely offline.

Even if the call is received on the mobile in the unlocked state, the call information will be shown on one side without occupying the whole part of the screen during the ring market from now on.



Apple Maps
Maps has added a directional feature for bikes in iOS 14. Added electric vehicle routing and guide facility, through which the charging stop of a particular vehicle and its direction can be found.

Advanced Safari
Webpage translation has been added to the iPhone’s browser app Safari. Apple also claims that security has been tightened.

What is a digital car
The phone can be used as a smart car locker. That means the car can be locked and unlocked by a specific iPhone. Many people think that next year Apple may see a driving car, so this feature has been added to the iPhone.


IOS 14 default third party app
Until recently, users had to use Safari and Apple’s Mail app as the default apps for browsers and emails. Apple has finally decided to move away from that monotonous system. Third-party apps can be used in iOS 14 as browsing and mail apps.

Picture in Picture Support
Finally Picture in Picture support has been added to iOS. With this feature, users will be able to use another app while talking to someone on FaceTime or watching videos.

Phones that will get the update of iOS 14
IOS 14 updates will be available on all iPhones released after the iPhone 7S. You can start checking for updates from the phone’s settings option from September 18th. Of course, you will get notification when the update comes.

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