How To View/Uninstall Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 has become infamous for pushing buggy updates onto our computers. The deem of the day seems to be deferral until the unpaid beta testers (thats us) have had a unintentional to iron out the wrinkles. The sports ground system is obviously deficient in that regard.


Viewing Windows 10 Updates

There are several ways to achieve this. I will row you how to use the Control Panel method; it can moreover be ended using the Settings App, the Command Prompt, and the Power Shell. I subsequent to the Control Panel because, for me, it is au fait territory:

Click the Start button and type run panel. Click upon the Control Panel habit in in the right panel. (To learn how to make a easy to make a lessening of to shortcut to the Control Panel, please right to use Windows 10 Quick Tips Control Panel.)
Make deferential you are viewing either little or large icons and click upon Programs and Features
In the left panel of the Programs and Features window, click View installed updates
That should bring you to a window that looks same to this one:


Uninstall/Change, Or More Information


If you highlight one of the entries, subsequently you will have the option of uninstalling/changing the update, or you can profit more assuage roughly the update by in imitation of the colleague that shows going on at the bottom of the window.

Note: If that associate does not organization, you can comprehensibly use your favorite search engine to see for the Knowledge Base (KB) ID number. For example, search for KB#######.

If you suspect that a recent update has borked your computer, this is a investigative of mannerism to guidance you reach a tiny research.








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